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    Frank DeJohn

    As an owner of Bodhi Tree Anesthesia, Frank’s primary emphasis is on marketing, meeting with doctors and facilities to present all the services of Bodhi Tree Anesthesia. Frank has 30 years of experience in the medical field, encompassing billing, medical management, consulting, and contracting.

    Prior to his establishment of Bodhi Tree Anesthesia, Frank owned and managed a professional, multi-specialty billing and consulting company with clients in several northern states. He brings an extensive background of knowledge to his role with Bodhi Tree Anesthesia and especially enjoys introducing medical practices to Bodhi Tree Anesthesia and all the facets of their services. Frank has unbounded enthusiasm for what he believes is the best anesthesia management company in the country. He takes pride in his assurance to each client that he will continue to be your direct contact person for as long as you are a client with Bodhi Tree Anesthesia.  You will see Frank and his wife present at many of the conferences and events.  Frank believes it is important and essential to have Bodhi Tree Anesthesia ownership present at these events.


    Ian Myers

    Ian is a founding partner of Bodhi Tree. He has extensive training in business, evaluation and financial management. He holds an intricate role in the planning, budgeting and development of all new anesthesia endeavors.

    Ian was raised in State College, Pennsylvania and New Delhi, India. During his time in India, he developed a global perspective towards business and life. With degrees in Business Management and Economics, Ian is known by many to be business minded and compassionate to his clients' needs. He has worked with many of the founders of the largest anesthesia companies in the United States, such as: Premier Anesthesia, Pinnacle Anesthesia, Anesthesia Healthcare Partners and Anesthesia Solutions. After years of developing international BPO companies, he was inspired to create Bodhi Tree in 2006.

    Bodhi Tree combines financial performance with 5-diamond patient care. Our approach to the patient expresses extreme hospitality, support and utmost consideration of the individual’s needs. Through our philosophy of healthcare hospitality, we create an environment where patients feel at home. We have a well-trained and dedicated team whose role is to build camaraderie between the patient and the facility. One of the essential differences between Bodhi Tree and other management companies is that every patient is royalty with us. We also value our philosophy; WE manage but YOU control. This symbiotic partnership is the key to the success of companies. Our goal is to create an anesthesia management company that offers premier services to the provider and the patient.


    Kelli Tharpe

    Kelli is a founding partner of Bodhi Tree. She has extensive experience with corporate and personal tax preparation planning and financial management.

    Kelli was raised in Fort Myers, Florida. She received a degree in Accounting and a CPA license from the University of South Florida. Kelli is known to be level headed and business focused. She has been the CFO and partner of various successful companies. After 15 years in the public accounting sector and several years of experience acting as the CFO to an anesthesia billing company, Kelli was compelled to create a business that offered clients a well-rounded comprehensive product.

    Bodhi Tree is the total package. We address and deliver on various facets of anesthesia management. We perform at levels that exceed expectation, as we are known to maximize our clients' revenue; that is why Bodhi Tree stands alone. We craft an individual pro forma that will help increase money earned while creating a withstanding and efficient company. Bodhi Tree is also unique because of our philosophy; WE manage but YOU control. This empowers our doctors and helps build camaraderie between the patient and the facility. We are the best. Bodhi Tree provides an approach that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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